Faith Abrams, Copley Master

Photograph by Webb Chappell

Faith Abrams is a woodcarver extraordinaire.
Her intimately crafted sculptures reveal a painstaking devotion to the expression of her personal vision, balanced by a respect for the inherent aesthetic possibilities of the various woods with which she works. It is this ability to shape and form her elegantly stylized creations while respecting the natural grain, surfaces and textures of her materials that give her pieces their purity and appeal.

Abrams’ subjects range from the commonplace to the metaphysical, yet the artist seems equally at home in both arenas. She is able to produce a giant pea pod masterfully carved in mahogany or a delicately wrought briar crucifix with equal ease and authority. There is a gentleness and unselfconscious beauty in the artist’s work that is irresistible. In an age when many artists seem at a loss as they struggle to keep up with the latest trend, it is refreshing to see one who quietly follows one of art’s most ancient traditions..woodcarving..and does so with unwavering strength and certainty.

Tom Grabosky
Art Critic, Bay Windows

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